15.55 GMT - All restarts complete.

15.15 GMT - All regions will be offline at some point during these restarts. Estimated time 30 minutes. 


The grid and regions will be offline for short periods of time.

Update - 20th May 11.20 - SQL server has now been update. Welcome, Lakeside and beta testing regions have now all been moved to a new server. All these regions are now back online but further restarts may be required.

Update - 20th May 12.28 - Changes made to llRequestURL()  testing still needs to be done to confirm changes effective. - Now confirmed and working as expected

Update - 20th May 12.39 - Welcome, Lake and Beta all now complete, no more restarts expected. All other regions currently receiving updates and should be back online shortly.

Update 20th May 13.39 - The Meadow, AviUnite, Hangout, The Beach and Lakeside all now back online and updated.

Update 20th May 13.53 - All personal regions and free home regions are now updated and back online.

All maintenance and updates finished for today. No more interruptions expected. We thank you for your patience during this time.

There will be planned maintenance taking place on the grid on Saturday the 20th of May.

This will start at 10 AM BST. 1AM Grid time and is expect to last around 1 hour. 

We are currently performing some upgrades t our social part of the website along with back-ups and general maintenance. 

This may mean the site is offline for short periods of time. 

We thank you for your patience. 

We are currently performing rolling restarts around the grid. 

20.55 GMT - Rolling restarts complete

20.00 GMT - Rolling restarts for maintenance 

09.21 GMT 5th May - HG Addresses to AviUnite are as follows: grid.aviunite.com:8002 or hg.aviunite.com:8002 depending on which grid you are travelling from.

16.14 GMT - We are aware at the moment some users are having difficulty accessing AviUnite via the Hypergrid we are currently working to resolve this issue and will update further.

Update 23th April 2017 10.25 GMT - Resolved currency now showing correct AU$. 

21.23 GMT We are aware at present some viewers are showing currency as OS$ in world rather than AU$. We are investigating at the moment. This is not effecting any currency transactions in world and we can assure all users we have not changed the currency name again! We are still using Avis (AU$)