Wednesday 20.00 BST - All work on the upgrades is now complete. All new user registrations are now open again. If you do experience any issues please use the send us a message button at the lower left of the site. We would like to thank you all for your patience during these upgrades.

Wednesday 14.00 BST - Website maintenance and upgrades complete.

Wednesday 11.30 BST - Website maintenance and upgrades will be taking place over the next couple of hours.

Tuesday 10.00 BST _ Testing so far is going well all teleport issues now resolved. All regions back online.

Monday 23.20 BST - Regions are starting to come back online. So far some teleporting issues have been resolved. We will be continuing with testing over the next 24 hours. If you do experience any issues please send us a message via the send us a message via the bottom left send us a message button.

Monday 21.00 BST - Grid going down for restarts, to try and resolve issues with teleports. 

Monday 00.10 BST - All regions are back online we are aware of some teleporting issues from the Welcome to the following regions - AviUnite, The Meadow, The Beach, Hangout and The Sandbox. All of these regions can be reach by teleporting to another region first from the Welcome. All users can teleport from Welcome to either Creekdale or Hope Valley then teleport to their destination from there or by typing the name of their region on log in which they wish to get to. For tonight we are closing new user registration until this is resolved. 

Sunday 23.00 BST - The following regions are now back online: Aviunite, Sandbox, The Meadow, Hangout, Beach and all subscription regions. 

Sunday 21.00 BST - Grid migration complete, currently starting up regions on the grid. 

Sunday 17.50 BST - Website back online. Grid currently under migration. 

Sunday 16.55 BST - Databases successfully migrated. Website currently under migration.

Sunday 15.30 BST - Testing complete, we are now starting to move regions to the new servers. Downtime of regions is expected over the next couple of hours.

Sunday - 09.00 BST - Work is currently starting to commence on migrating over the website and grid to the new servers. Set up and testing as of yesterday was going well so there might be some downtime expected over the next 12 hours. We will keep you updated on when this will take place. We thank you for all your patience during this time. We was hoping to have all completed within 24 hours but it was decided that taking the time to complete further testing yesterday would be of more benefit before moving everything. 

Saturday - 10.00 BST - Work has commenced on the new servers again this morning. This at present is having no impact on the grid or the website, all are online and running but downtime is to be expected once the new servers are complete and the move of the grid takes place.

Saturday - 01.00 BST - All work completed for tonight (Friday), please report any issues via the Send us a message button at the lower right of the screen, further work on the upgrades will commence from 09.00 BST Updates will follow throughout the weekend.

Friday - 22.00 BST - Website and all in world is back online and can be used as normal, new servers are currently in installation of windows. Once completed there will be further updates.

Friday - 18.50 BST - Website is currently offline, while we back up databases and user accounts. Installation of new servers has began.

Over the next 24 hours we will be upgrading all of the AviUnite servers. This will mean the grid will be offline for periods of time while we ensure back-ups are made and upgrades run though. Progress updates will be posted here over the next 24-48 hours.