We have been working over the last few weeks with one of our scripters in world to make claiming your free store even easier. All claim boxes can now be located just above the entrance to the store.

Just click and claim, within 24 hours you will be sent a group invite to The Meadow group and you can start to set up your store. 

Once you have claimed your store please send your logo in full perms format to Avi Unite in world.

To renew simply click the box and select renew, your time will then be automatically set back to 30 days and renewals can be done at any point.

All free stores can be found by searching 'The Meadow' in the world map

Please note all stores must be renewed at a minimum once every 30 days.

From today we are pleased to say we have negotiated some excellent deals with our hosting provider which we would like to pass on to all our residents!

All regions will still be hosted on full dedicated servers, meaning we have been able to lower prices drastically without having to compromise on quality.

Please find below all details of out new prices. Upgrades to mega 512 x 512 regions costs only £10.00 extra per month meaning you can have three times the space for just a little extra!

(Upgrades to mega regions are not available to Residential Living Regions.)

In addition to the free homes we are offering in world all creators can now claim their own free store at The Meadow. 

Each store comes with 150 prim allowance and free uploads meaning creators can start their own business with no start up risks. 

For more information please visit the land store on the AviUnite region. 


From today we are offering a free plot of land to all residents of AviUnite.

These are for residential use only, cover 4800m² and have a 300 prim allowance. 

To claim your free home land please visit the AviUnite region. 

Click on one of the green available plots.

The claim box will then turn red and display your details as the renter of that land

(Please note this box needs to be clicked at least once every 4 weeks to keep claim of your land. Failure to do so will result in your land being reclaimed.)

You will be then sent an landmark to your new home. 

Please Accept. The landmark to your new home will then be sent into your inventory in the Landmarks folder.


When you claim your plot our admin team will be notified and set the land to your ownership within 24 hours. 

You will receive a message in world once this has been done.

You are then ready to set up your new home. 

Please ensure before claiming any land you read the terms and conditions and rules of the free land which are located at the main land building on the AviUnite region.

You must be a member of AviUnite to claim your free home. One home per resident. 

We wish you all the best in your new home! 



23.58 GMT - Hypergrid access is now available on the following regions:

Welcome, AviUnite, The Meadow, Hangout and The Beach

Currently this is outgoing Hypergrid traffic only so current residents of AviUnite can visit other Hypergrid enabled grids and regions, we are working on incoming Hypergrid access. We will be working on this over the next few days and will update as soon as this is available.

New resident registrations are now open!

Anyone wishing to join AviUnite can now do so at http://aviunite.com

We look forward to welcoming you all to AviUnite.

The new welcome center is now open to all current residents!

The new welcome center is almost complete. Apologies for the delay in this but we wanted to add new start avatars as well as some other new bits to make it easier for new users to get started.

We hope to open the new welcome center to residents tomorrow and new user registrations will be open from Thursday the 13th of April. 

Just in time for the Easter weekend and some very special offers!!

All welcome packs have now been send out to current residents. Included in the pack is a welcome note, social HUD and how to guide for the HUD.

If anyone does not receive their welcome pack please send an message to us via the contact us button at the lower right of www.aviunite.com

We thank you for your patience and more updates will be coming tomorrow!