From today we are offering a free plot of land to all residents of AviUnite.

These are for residential use only, cover 4800m² and have a 300 prim allowance. 

To claim your free home land please visit the AviUnite region. 

Click on one of the green available plots.

The claim box will then turn red and display your details as the renter of that land

(Please note this box needs to be clicked at least once every 4 weeks to keep claim of your land. Failure to do so will result in your land being reclaimed.)

You will be then sent an landmark to your new home. 

Please Accept. The landmark to your new home will then be sent into your inventory in the Landmarks folder.


When you claim your plot our admin team will be notified and set the land to your ownership within 24 hours. 

You will receive a message in world once this has been done.

You are then ready to set up your new home. 

Please ensure before claiming any land you read the terms and conditions and rules of the free land which are located at the main land building on the AviUnite region.

You must be a member of AviUnite to claim your free home. One home per resident. 

We wish you all the best in your new home!